Select Your Plan          Basic      Basic Plus           Classic       Classic Plus          Classic Super         Classic Ultra       Ultra Super
Recommended Individual Individual Small Medium Medium Large Large
Duration 1Year 1Year 1Year 1Year 1Year 1Year 1Year
Own Domain
No of Pages 1 1 4 6 8 15 As Per Required
Images Limit  05  10 20 30 40 50 As Per Required
Product Video 1 2 2 3 As Per Required
TAT 2 Days 2 Days 4 Days 7 Days 7Days 10Days As Per Required
Space Storage U/L U/L U/L U/L U/L U/L U/L
Enquiry Form 01 01 01 02 As Per Required
Email Ids 02* 03* 04* 06* As Per Required
Social Media Connection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Map Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note:-The above packages is excluding .COM & .CO Domain,For .COM & .CO Domain customer have to pay an addition of Rs350.

Terms & conditions

  1. Logo, content & images to be provided by client
  2. Package cost to be paid in Advance
  3. Initial Contract duration is 1 Year
  4. Materials (webpage’s, images etc.) developed under this package is licensed to one domain (one website) only
  5. For additional web page development Rs 750 per page will be applicable

If you're not sure which website development package to select or in case you need a custom quote, please contact us. Based on your requirements we will be happy to suggest the right web designing package that's best suited for you.

In response to clients’ requests for something simple to give them a web presence for a new venture, which is ready for future development, we have created the ‘Web Presence Package’. This is a no-frills deal to keep the price to the bare minimum until you are ready to start developing your online business.