About Us

AMD IT SOFT SOLUTIONS is the recognized industry leader in delivering online business solutions  Distributed through its network , AMD IT SOFT SOLUTIONS provide services Website Development, Software Development, Web Designing, Web Hosting, Bulk SMS Products, E Mail Marketing, Applications  to drive online success.

AMD IT SOFT SOLUTIONS leadership team brings decade of global experience and a history of success. Combining business acumen with technical expertise, these executives guide the company in creating innovative and market leading solutions specifically designed of Software.

AMD IT SOFT SOLUTIONS is a leading service-oriented organisation catering to the needs of people through Internet and mobile. From starting off with uniting people in AMD IT SOFT SOLUTIONS, the AMD IT SOFT.com Group has extended its services to provide value-based information in various domains. The company has pioneered several new business models such as ClickToBazaar.com, PropertyinBazaar.com, and many more.